Cinnabar is a lightly spiced Rum and winner of Best Botanical Spirit at the Craft Distillers Expo in 2019. It is also our Master Barber’s favourite Rum, so much so, you’re lucky if we ever have any in stock! Named after the Cinnabar Moth which also calls Fort Cumberland ‘home’, you can see a depiction of this colourful fella on the back of the label.

Based on their 1968 Rum, spiced with Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom, Coriander, Nutmeg, Szechuan Pepper and Orange Peel and sweetened just enough with Costa Rican sugar and a hint of Vanilla. In store testers have described it as “the best fruitcake ever” or Christmas in a bottle” but don’t be deceived; this Rum is NOT the sickly sweet syrups you may have tasted before.
Best served on its own over ice and maybe a squeeze of lime, or if you simply have to have a longer drink, then Ginger Ale is best - Never Cola, trust us on this.
(Our Master Barber actually tried this once, in the name of research. She nearly cried)

Portsmouth Distillery Cinnabar Spiced Rum