D.R. Harris solid shampoo bars are a delightful alternative to the standard hair cleansing fare. Not only are they perfect for the traveller but they also offer an aray of eco benefits as well. Free from plastic packaging, in a re-cyclable aluminium tin, these shampoo bars leave less of footprint than most. Being D.R. Harris they are also superb at washing your hair. They easily lather up meaning you use less product than usual which in turn means you buy less shampoo each year - another eco cfredential.


We offer these varieties:

Arlington - A crisp fern and citrus scent. For any hair type

Coconut - The scent of a summer abroad. For the more sensitive scalp

Ocean - Contains Dead Sea salts and helps to add volume to thinner hair

Windsor - Grapefruit, Black Pepper and Vetiver. For all hair types.

D.R.Harris Shampoo Bar