Cyril R. Salter Shaving Creams are award winning for good reason. Each of the seven scents we stock have a subtle fragrance derived from pure essential oils. These do not smell chemically produced like others we could mention, and each of them is a delight for the nostrils. To use the example of our most popular scent "Wild Rose", you will smell not only the petals, but the woody hit of a freshly cut stem as well, these shaving creams really bring a sense of luxury to your daily routine.

Designed to be used in conjunction with a shaving brush for a rich lather and a superior wet shave, use this method and you will never suffer razor burn again.

  • Contain Vitamin E & Glycerine
  • Fragranced only with the Essential Oils 
  • Paraben Free

All Cyril R. Salter Shaving Creams are 100% free of animal-derived ingredients and the grades contained in all Cyril R. Salter Shaving Creams are 100% plant-derived in origin

Cyril R Salter Shaving Cream