Yes, you did indeed read that right; L.M.P is an attempt to bring the complex flavour profile of Tom's favourite nostalgic dessert to a gin in a subtle, yet defined way.
Stemming from a belief that what it says on the label should actually feature in the distilling; L.M.P is a direct contrast to the artificial ‘flavoured gins’ on the market. 
After macerating traditional botanicals alongside lemon curd and roasted almonds, they then built an actual lemon meringue pie in the column of the still and infused the vapour through these three layers. 
The result is a mind bending hit of sweet lemon curd, giving way to the piney Juniper core, with a long lasting creamy butter finish to round off the effect. 
Serve with plenty of fresh ice, a chilled Indian, Mediterranean or Floral tonic and a decent twist of lemon.

Made in ridiculously small batches in the South Downs, Hampshire. Corner 53 push the boundaries of everything you thought you knew about gin. 
Full of flavour but never sticky sweet, they make fantastic bases for cocktails or a flavour packed G&T.

Corner 53 : Experimental Series : Lemon Meringue Pie