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Sharp and Stylish

Here at the Dandy Cat we support whatever style of facial hair you champion and as such we stock everything the bearded gentlemen needs, but for this article, those who proudly shun the razor may wish to look away, as this is an introduction to #proper shaving.

We stock a variety of high quality razors and blades, all of which we have used and all of which we recommend. As users of these #proper razors ourselves we also know just how confusing they are to behold at first, so we like to dispel the myths and break down the jargon surrounding the mysterious world of shaving, allowing you to make your own choices and hopefully enjoy the best shave you have ever had.

Whilst almost any "modern" razor will give you a clean shave, their disposable cartridge system makes them seem a far less modern idea when viewed through the eyes of a life less plastic. The life cycle of a cartridge razor is short, merely a matter of weeks. The hybrid of plastic and metal that makes each cartridge system seem so desirable means they cannot currently be recycled.

What if you need to shave? If the cartridge system is not the answer then what is?

The answer is quite simple really, adopt a more stylish shaving routine. Ditch those disposables and use a Double Edged Safety razor.

Merkur 34C DE Safety Razor

The Double Edged (DE) razor has been around for years, since the Victorian period in fact, and is a veritable master class in excellent product design. A good weighty handle with a closed or open combed head (depending on your ferocity needs) and a beautifully angled, super sharp razor blade make the design of any DE razor a delight.

The first thing that most people see is the price. DE razors seem expensive, but that handle and comb will outlast you if care for them right. Those scary looking blades that give you that "oh so close" shave are fully recyclable too. Sounding better already aren't they.

Those recyclable blades are quite sharp though and that can breed fear in the casual observer. This is understandable, a razor blade is sharp by design and sharp things are dangerous, everyone knows that; no one wants to start their day with a quick shave followed by a trip to A&E.

#proper razor blades safe in their box

A good quality razor blade will be be made from corrosion resistant steel so forget those images you have of rusting old razor blades in antique shops, the blade will also be safely held in a recyclable dispenser until needed. You then slide the blade out, unwrap it from its paper sheath, hold the blade by the thin, non-cutting edge ends and carefully place the blade in the razor before locking it in place. Your DE razor is now good to go. Once it has done its job, which will several shaves later, you can remove the blade and place it in a metal tin safe from harm. These tins can hold over 100 blades in safety and once filled you can pop them into your recycling bin happy in the knowledge that no blade will escape or harm a soul, and that the tin, together with its contents of used blades, can be recycled and given another life.

We will review our blades, razors and other lovely things we stock for shaving in due course, but for now you can pop in store and see them for yourself.

Feel free to ask us a question about DE razors, we will happily try to answer any you have and we promise not to push a razor on those proud individuals who live by the beard.

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