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Why do we say The Dandy Cat is not just a barber?

We are asked quite a lot to explain why the name of our shop doesn’t easily identify the nature of the business. Our brand seems to upset some people who would rather see a clear indicator of the type of shop you are from a logo. We chose a name that befits the mood of the business, hopefully it piques an interest, just like our services and stock should too; we have a barber but we also stock hats, this doesn’t mean we are one thing over another, nor does it mean that you will need that hat on the way out, far from it in fact.

We love hats, but this is not a reflection on our barber

Our barbering service is a key part of our business and we believe you will not find a better service locally. Karina, our barber, is one of the best we have met, not only does she have a devilishly good eye for detail, but she also has the training and background to support that aesthetic eye.

Karina has worked across the film, theatre and entertainment industry meeting all kinds of people and discovering how to manage the demands of those with a public profile. Most recently Karina became the inaugural barber to The Championships, Wimbledon, cutting the hair of some of the most photographed and watched athletes in the world. Rest assured then that if chat is your main reason for picking a barber, there is a fair chance Karina will have what you need covered.

Styling a line judge at Wimbledon - copyright AELTC

Karina is what they call a master barber. Being a master barber not only means undertaking further training in order to widen your skillset, but it means you need to prove your worth against some of the highest rated barbers in the world. Karina has been trained by and worked alongside some of the most respected barbers in the business, so she knows what it takes to offer a service of the highest quality. Every barber can offer a quick cut and a shave, but do you trust them to do a good job? We understand your style is important and is a considered thing, not something to be brushed aside because the barber cannot meet your desires. Our barber gives you the time you need to relax, explain your style and how you want to finesse it. Essentially, she provides a fresher take on traditional barbering.

Not just a barber - we also have scarves...

The Dandy Cat is the place to go for the traditional classic cut, facial hair care and hot towel wet shaves, and our barber is an expert in modern re-works on retro and traditional styles. Long or short hair, facial hair or clean shaven, our barber can listen to and advise you on the best way to enhance your look. Our barber offers you the chance to really be the person you have always aspired to be. Care is taken to ensure you get the right look, finished with the highest quality products and that you leave feeling better than when you arrived. We can even wash out those irritating little cut hairs before the final finish if you want.

Naturally we provide a drink. Tea, coffee, water; it’s all there. Better still we are fully licenced so you can choose a beer or accept a cocktail made from one of our delightful local spirits. The music is your choice too. We have a wide selection of vinyl to peruse and once selected we will gladly play it for you whilst you sit back and get re-styled.

Another happy customer leaves the shop

The Dandy Cat is not just a barber then, we think it is better than that.

Book online or pop in house and ask for an appointment, we don’t judge, but we also won’t make you sit in the corner like a schoolboy and wait your turn. We want your visit to be the easiest and best quality experience you have had in a barbers chair.

We may not put all the above on the signage, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.

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