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A Closer Shave

When first dipping into the world of the Double Edged (DE) Safety Razors, it is not obviously apparent the blades inserted in them will differ in feel or quality. We have all become so used to the big brands of shaving pushing the ‘x factor’ of their names that when faced with a selection of unknown-to-us brands of razor blades, we can be forgiven for feeling a little uneasy at the new choices now needing to be made.

Timor DE razor and blades

The Dandy Cat wants to simplify these choices for you.

We only like to use the best blades in our razors and have spent years researching the finest blades for you, so that all you need to do in our store is to pick the brand logo you like best and be safe in the knowledge that you have made a good choice.

We currently offer the discerning shaver three choices of blade. Each is sharp, each offers a smooth shave, and each is the same price. So why do we bother selling you three different brands then? Quite simply, a favourite brand of razor blade, like art or music, is subjective. Hair is different, skin is different, and humans are all different; contrary to what some would have you believe, one size does not fit all.

The brands we currently recommend are Astra, Timor and Feather.

Astra make a lovely sharp blade. It has a good honed edge that feels smooth against the skin and will not drag or cut the skin easily. In many ways the Astra blade is the perfect first step into DE razor shaving. An Astra blade is sharp but gentle; it will shave you clean, but not as close on a single pass as other blades, which in turn means you can be a little less precise with this blade and still walk away cut free. In our experience these blades will be good for 4-6 shaves.

Timor blades are classy looking things. Timor have really upped the design stakes for razor blade packaging with their elegant branding. If merit were on packaging design alone, these would be all we stocked, but thankfully we are not so shallow.

Timor Blades

A Timor blade is sharp but slightly thinner than either and Astra or a Feather blade, which appear to make them a little more forgiving than other blades. These blades feel smoother than others, but will give you a very sharp shave, with a cleaner result after one pass. In my experience these are less likely to draw blood from any imperfections on the skin or awkward areas such as the throat. These blades will be good for 4-8 shaves.

Feather Blades

Feather are widely considered to be the best blades available for a DE razor but are not for the newly converted #proper razor user. Experience has taught us that a Feather blade will outlast the others on the market and will give you a cleaner shave in a single pass but take your eye off the job in hand for one split second and you will quickly find yourself reaching for the alum bloc. These blades will be good for 6-10 shaves.

All the above are excellent razor blades and whichever brand you choose you will soon be shaving better than ever and when paired with one of our razor blade disposal tins you will be recycling every time you change a blade instead of adding more plastic to the oceans.

As we know the choice is bewildering, we will supply a single blade from each of our in stock razor blade brands to all those who purchase one of our razors, this way you can make your own decision on which one is best for you in the comfort of your bathroom at home.

Pop into our shop if you would like to know more or message us. We are always happy to help.

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