About Us

With an in-house Master Barber to help you leave looking better than when you arrived, and a shop stocked with the best shaving, styling and pampering products to be found, The Dandy Cat really is a hidden gem for gentlemen.


We bring everything that is great about style and luxury under one roof whilst ensuring that everything we offer is sustainable, elegant, affordable and as far as possible, locally produced. Everything we stock is either small batch or handmade and each product is both paraben and cruelty free. 


Our Story

Tired of seeing the same old formats for men's style being rebranded and sold to us as old rope, we thought it was about time there was something a little bit better, which is why we decided to start a business dedicated to showing people that style and luxury are achievable for all. 


We have created a place where not only men, but all people could find or enhance their own style in a safe and inviting environment. We offer an elegant barbering service with an experience well suited to the person who understands that quality takes time, and our master barber will listen, advise, and give you what you want, making you relax and leave looking better.

We offer only the highest quality shaving products and the most elegant accessories for the stylish men and women about town. We pride ourselves on our shaving expertise, we have sourced truly sustainable things of pecision engineering and beauty that will outlast you, and be sought after heirlooms for your children. That is proper sustainability.

We source the finest suppliers, we test every product extensively and if it isn't good enough for us, we don't stock it. If we really cannot find what we want then we design it ourselves, only then do we invite you to browse.

What exactly is The Dandy Cat then?

Well, we are a Master Barber, we are shaving and skincare experts, we are purveyors of handmade hats, belts, silk scarves and exclusive, rare, small batch spirits, quite frankly we are everything you wish existed before but still remain the best kept secret in style. We strive to provide you with something that piques your fancy, whatever that may be.

We are dandy, we invite you to be more dandy too.

Meet The Team